Hi, I'm Jimmy
a software engineer with a passion for security, infrastructure, machine learning, and startups
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About Me
I had an early interest in cybersecurity and was fortunate to compete in CTFs with redpwn and dicegang focusing on web application security. You can find many of my writeups and musings on my blog.
I became fascinated with large software systems and had the privilege of working on infrastructure security at Pinterest, data ingestion at Crowdstrike, and all facets of product and infrastructure engineering at Relentlo.
In the present day, my focus is on building fun and delightful products with impact.
Some Cool Projects
rVPN is an identity based Wireguard VPN control and data plane. The goal is to greatly simplify making any server a VPN entry point as well as clients connecting to the VPN through native clients.
eye-break is a Firefox extension to remind you to give your eyes a break. There is a simple reminder on a configurable interval and is built with React, Tailwind, and shadcn.
Guessr is a multiplayer real-time song guessing game with a horizontally scalable architecture built on Redis and WebSockets.